This is a BIG Deal – Kanye West’s Conversion to Christianity!

First it started with Dorren Virtue’s (the new age author) conversion to Christianity, and now it’s the rap artist Kanye West who has converted to Christianity and given his life to Christ.

This is so exciting!  It’s exciting because Kanye can attract a huge audience and help them turn their lives towards Jesus.  It’s a big deal because he is doing this without worrying about his fame or fortune.  He is taking a big risk by doing so, as was Dorren Virtue’s risk when she told her publisher that she was not going to write any more new age books.

And it’s exciting for me because I am a new Christian trying to figure out how to navigate my faith with my business.  Wanting to share my love for Jesus, but not wanting to offend anyone who may not know Christ and know what following Jesus can do for you.


Videos About Kanye’s Story

Watch this video of him in the airplane with James Corden and his Sunday service choir where James interviews Kanye and the choir sings.  I have it start 5 min in where the important conversation happens.

Sample of His Sunday Service

Here is a great sample of his Sunday Services that he performs/produces that lead up to the release of his album.  Not sure if he is still doing them live or not.  But this gives you a sample of the music

Kanye West’s “Jesus is King” Album Deconstructed

And if you want a deconstruction of his album “Jesus is King” here is a great article from Forbes that explains each song and the story arc

Kanye wants to live a life in service of Christ but his efforts are still complicated by ego and fear. Those hurdles vanish after the epiphany that is “Everything We Need.” With his path clarified, the back half of Jesus Is King sees West praise, repent, and serve. – Chris Lambert in Forbes

It goes deep into a deconstruction of his album “Jesus is King”  that explains each song and the story arcs in it:

I will try to update this post with more info as I learn more about his story.

Check out this other post I did on Kanye’s passion and a short video of him singing

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