God Gives Me Vision

This is the story about an encounter I had with a woman named Monica Bijoux.

So, I’m at a marketing event and I see this woman go up to the microphone to make a comment about the event. She really caught my eye and I began to look at her and I think “Wow, that woman is really beautiful. And she looks really interesting. I want to know more about her…”

Later on, I saw her again and then I wound up sitting next to her during one of the exercises. I started talking to her, and as I’m talking to her, I’m looking at her and I’m thinking “she is so beautiful. She is so incredibly beautiful. Her face is just glowing.” We had a good dialogue together.

But later on as I reflected the encounter, I kept asking myself, “Why is this woman so beautiful to me?” And then it dawned on me that she must have the love of God in her. That must be why she looks so beautiful!

So, I say to myself: “All right, am I going to ask her? This is kind of weird. She’s going to think I’m odd.”

Eventually I mustered up the courage and I walked over to her and I said, “I have sort of an odd question for you…”

And she says: “I don’t mind odd questions.”

So then I said: “Is God at all involved in your life?”

I tried to ask it in a non-threatening, non-weird way to find out if she believed in God or if God was important to her.
And she said, “Yes, God is a big part of my life!”

I was thrilled! Then she and proceeded to get into a whole conversation about God and the Gospel.

It was such a wonderful confirmation of me being able to see Jesus shining through her. It was such a wonderful feeling and I feel so blessed that I was able to see that. And feel so blessed that I had the courage to ask her, and that she confirmed what I could see. It was a great, wonderful, experience and I am just praising God. “Thank YOU for giving me that discernment.”
I now know what that feels like, and  look forward to seeing God in more people in the future.

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