Class Prayers

On June 2, 2020 I started saying a short meditation prayer at the beginning of my online classes.  This is the collection of Prayers I have given in my classes.  Listen if you would like to hear them.  I hope that they are healing for you.

October 13th WCW Class Prayer 2020


September 22nd WMW Class Prayer 2020


July 14th WCW Class Webinar 2020

Here is the transcript:

“Close your eyes, take a deep breath in, and breathe out. Take another deep breath in and breathe out.

I am going to say a little meditation prayer. I have been saying this on many of my calls. I use the term God. You can substitute that term with Universe, Creator, Spirit, Angels, Spirit Guide, Divine Mother, whatever word that works for you is fine.

Divine Love, fill us with your blessings.

Fill our whole body with your calmness and acceptance.

Help us to understand that we are humans having a human experience, moving through the process of learning this technology, which has not been comfortable for us.

Help us to have kindness and patience with ourselves when things don’t work, or when things look ugly, or when we feel we should be in a place that we’re not at.

Help us to remember to be patient, and to step away if we get frustrated.

Help us also during this time of uncertainty in the world. Help us to love one another, and know that person you’re passing on the road o r the other person with the mask in the grocery store, feels as uneasy about the world as we do. And help us, God, when we work on our websites, to get really focused on the creative aspect of creating a website, and to forget all of our other cares.

Help us to just get into our work, almost as if we are stepping into a new world, and let our message flow through our hands and out into our website so that we can attract our clients and customers.

In your holy presence, we say Amen, Shalom, Namaste.”


July 9th WMW Class Webinar 2020


June 30th WCW Class Webinar 2020


June 25th WMW Class Webinar 2020


June 23rd WCW Spring Class 2020


June 3 CYC Spring Class 2020


June 2 WCW spring class 2020


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