Christianity vs. Other Religions

One of the issues I have been struggling with is the notion of Christianity being better than other religions.  I would hear Christians say this and that outlandish claim would always come off as pompous and arrogant.  It really turned me off to Christians.  But once I discovered Jesus, I decided to delve into Christianity and try to understand what it was all about.  But I could never articulate my reasons for loving Jesus or why I was drawn to the Christian religion.  It mostly started because my family heritage is Christian, and I felt that was a good place to start.

Now, for the first time, I have heard someone explain WHY this is true and WHY Christianity is different (and better) than other religions.

That someone is Tim Keller a pastor in NYC who explains this beautifully in his sermon I posted below.  The difference: Christianity is a personal relationship with God, and other religions have a more transactional “business like” relationship with God.

This whole video is excellent, and I recommend listening to the whole thing.  In this clip below I skipped forward to the section where Tim Keller talks about how to know if you are a Pagan or a Christian:

Now let me just say, I have not done my research and asked people from other religions what their personal relationship with God is, so that will be my next quest: to verify that other religions see God more like a landlord than like a father.

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