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    Great Character Study of Making Bad Choices (Film)

    I watched this movie tonight starring Stanley Tucci. It’s a great character study of a male college professor who makes bad choices and has a short affair with one of his students.  A lost soul, the character falls for the seduction of a young college girl’s novel she is writing.  We watch as she pulls him in, trying to use him to get what she wants.  He is not a bad guy, but just a lost person who makes bad choices that he regrets.  This is not a love story. It’s like a college version of Fatal Attraction.  Loved the acting by Stanley Tucci, and loved how he really nailed…

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    How it Feels to Love Jesus

    Recently I have been trying to figure out how to explain and communicate my feelings and love for Jesus.  Unless you know Him, you don’t know what that feeling is like. Well today a FB friend of mine Joy Jenkins shared, almost by accident, a video with me. Normally I won’t watch a 30 min video in the morning before work.  But since I don’t hear from Joy very often, I figured it was something that I needed to listen to. This video brought tears to my eyes.  It perfectly expresses what it feels like to love Jesus! Just click below to play: Hope this moves you as much as…

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    This is a BIG Deal – Kanye West’s Conversion to Christianity!

    First it started with Dorren Virtue’s (the new age author) conversion to Christianity, and now it’s the rap artist Kanye West who has converted to Christianity and given his life to Christ. This is so exciting!  It’s exciting because Kanye can attract a huge audience and help them turn their lives towards Jesus.  It’s a big deal because he is doing this without worrying about his fame or fortune.  He is taking a big risk by doing so, as was Dorren Virtue’s risk when she told her publisher that she was not going to write any more new age books. And it’s exciting for me because I am a new…

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    Using the Facebook Comments Plugin

    Did you know that with the facebook comments plugin, that you can have your WordPress website integrate with Facebook? Then when you post to your wordpress website, your users can leave a comment and it will post to their wall. I see the video here:   The easiest plugin to do this is: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/simple-facebook-comments-for-wordpress/

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