• turkey meatloaf raw in a bowl

    Easy Turkey Meatloaf

    I got this recipe originally from a turkey meatloaf recipe on food.com, but then modified it to my own. This is an update to my 2018 post, where I am now using the new WP Recipe Maker plugin. This dish is easy to make, and yummy to eat. It will probably feed 6 people, but I set it to 5 so that you would have ample portions. Easy low fat turkey meatloaf everyone will love

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    Beef Stew with Guinness Beer

    This recipe is so easy!  it comes together fast, and the Guinness makes it hearty.  It originally came from an instagram post that my husband found, but then I modified it a lot. What I like about this recipe is that it’s fast and easy to make.  The key is to cook the onions and garlic first. But you do not need to bother cooking the potatoes first.  Using good quality ingredients will make this taste the best. I like Pomi tomoatoes and I tried for the first time frozen organic beef bone broth.  But really you can use any beef broth or chopped tomatoes.  This dish is less fatty…