• Garlic Shrimp with Sun Dried Tomatoes

    Garlic Shrimp Scampi with Sun Dried Tomatoes

    This is a family favorite that have been making this for years, and it works out perfectly for 3 people.  Normally I plan out a meal for 4 people, but we our a 3 person home, so  adjust as you need for your family.  I always make this with frozen shrimp, cause I can keep all ingredients in the house, and decide the morning of if I want to make it.  Except for the basil which I have to buy, unless you have a basil plant in your garden. I found this recipe on the Laaloosh for weight watchers website when I was doing Weight Watchers.  I dropped out of…

  • lemons

    Lemonade Jello

    I loved Jello as a kid!  My mom use to make it for me in the 70’s all the time.  As an adult I still like Jello, but don’t want the added sugar. So here is my recipe for home made lemonade jello.  I like to use honey instead of sugar, but if you prefer sugar or any other sweetener use what you prefer. I bought the box of envelopes, but you can use a bigger box of Knox Gelatine and just measure it out. Print Recipe Lemonade Jello easy to make jello with all natural ingredients Course Dessert Prep Time 15 min Cook Time 12 hours Passive Time 12…