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    Pat’s Roasted Organic Chicken

    This is my mother’s recipe which I am publishing here for myself and everyone.  She is such a fantastic cook!  And she makes everything so easy. My twist on this recipe is to use a cast iron pan (which I have not tried yet)  but you can use any pan that can go on the stove top later for the gravy.  (If you are going to make gravy )   You might need to adjust the cooking times, so just use a thermometer and check the chicken’s doneness.  You can also test by wiggling the legs. Stick a thermometer in to see the internal temperature  (optional) Once I make this…

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    Chinese Chicken Thighs with Ginger Garlic Tomato Sauce

    This is the recipe for the dish my step father used to make from the Craig Clairborne Cookbook.  I have adapted it slightly.   I tried it in the slow cooker, but it’s really not as good.  Plus since it only cooks 30-35 min, the stove top is fine and makes cleaning up easier. I really like the Pomi brand of tomatoes the best.  But you can use any kind of can of  chopped tomatoes.   Print Recipe Chinese Chicken Thighs with Ginger Garlic Tomato Sauce you make this on the stove top, Course Main Dish Cuisine Chinese Prep Time 15 min Cook Time 30 min Servings people Ingredients 2-3…

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    Chicken Fajitas

    My aunt Gail made the best fajitas tonight, and they were super easy and super yummy.  I had it for the first time in Maine and when I heard it was John’s favorite (my uncle) I knew it was going to be good.  The best thing is the ingredients are easy to get, and it’s something you can cook up at the last min! Print Recipe Gail's Chicken Fajitas Home made southwestern fajitas. You could substitute beef if you wanted to Course Main Dish Cuisine Mexican Prep Time 30 min Cook Time 15 min Servings people Ingredients 1.5 chicken breasts cut into strips6 flour tortillas you can get gluten free…

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    Teriyaki Chicken with Scallions

    This comes from my mother who makes it really well and it was one of my favorite recipes growing up!  I have guessed at the measurements below, so you may need to adjust it. messy This dish goes well with steamed broccoli on the side and either rice, or potatoes.  In the picture I am using trader joes hash browns that I saute in chicken broth so it’s not greasy. Print Recipe Teriyaki Chicken with Scallions yummy and easy to make. the recipe below is messy, I'll clean it up afterwards Cuisine Chinese Prep Time 15 min Cook Time 45 min approx Servings people Ingredients 6 pieces chicken thighs (2…

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    Chicken Stock

    This is great to make and easy to store in the freezer.  You start with a roasted chicken that you get from the supermarket.  You feed your family with that, and save all the bones and the skin and the drippings in the container to put into your broth.  I will put in more details on how to make this later.   Print Recipe Chicken Stock Cuisine American Prep Time 30 min Cook Time 0 Servings Ingredients 1 Whole Roasted Chicken Cooked1 Yellow Onion2-3 Carrots1 rib CellerySalt and pepper, and any other herbs I eyeball this Cuisine American Prep Time 30 min Cook Time 0 Servings Ingredients 1 Whole Roasted…