Hoisin Chicken & Ramen Noodles for Lunch

hoison noodles with Scallions and GarlicWriting this up quick so I don’t lose my simple recipe.  I will make it a real recipe later…

This is lunch for one person, and it takes only 7 min to make!

Get water boiling for the noodles while you chop up the other ingredients:

Left over chicken cut into cubes.  About 4 oz (you can use any protein you wish)

2 cloves garlic minced

2-4 scallions cut up

Ramen noodles (GF is you want)

1 tablespoon or more of Hoisi Sauce

Lettuce chopped up

cook garlic for 30 seconds then add scallions to it till done.  Mixt in Hoisin sauce and if it gets dry, add either water or chicken broth to moisten.

Once noodles are done, mix all items together.

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