turkey bolognese box from trader joes

Fast and Easy Turkey Bolognese

This is a great and fast turkey bolognese recipe that I use when I want to make a fast meal for my family.

I’ll make a fancy recipe later

this will serve 3-4 people easily


1 yellow onion diced

1lb of ground turkey

1 box of Trader Joes Turkey Bolognese from the frozen section

3-4 tablespoons of tomatoe paste (I use the tube from trader joes) (optional)

3oz of pasta per person (gluten free if you want)



in a large pan, saute the onions till golden brown

then add the ground turkey and stir till mostly cooked

then add the trader joes bolognese (best to defrost it the night before, but you can add the frozen block to it)

then add tomatoe paste to taste.  I prefer a lot, so I use about 3-4 tablespoons) but this is optional.

boil water add pasta and cook according to box

drain pasta and add to bolognese sauce so the sauce mixes in to the pasta well.



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