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    Chicken Fajitas

    My aunt Gail made the best fajitas tonight, and they were super easy and super yummy.  I had it for the first time in Maine and when I heard it was John’s favorite (my uncle) I knew it was going to be good.  The best thing is the ingredients are easy to get, and it’s something you can cook up…

  • baptism of Christina Hills

    I Got Baptized Today!

    Let me tell you the story of how I got baptized… First off, I didn’t expect to get baptized today, it was sort of a spontaneous decision. On January 23,  2013 I had made the commitment to follow Jesus after years of exploring religion and Christianity. And for the past few years I’ve have been wanting to get baptized,  but…

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    Turkey Meatloaf

    I got this recipe originally from a turkey meatloaf recipe on food.com, but then modified it to my own. do start the onions right away while you prep the rest.  I will get more photos once I make this again Print Recipe Veal-Turkey Meatloaf I make this in the morning, then store it in the fridge till dinner time. Makes…

  • Films

    The History of the Pope (Documentary)

    I am not Catholic. And I have never been very interested in the Pope. But after watching the CNN series on the history of the Papacy – “Pope: The Most Powerful Man in History”, I have a new perspective on Catholics and the Pope. Part of being a Protestant, your heritage comes from Judaism, and Catholicism (and some from the…

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    Teriyaki Chicken with Scallions

    This comes from my mother who makes it really well and it was one of my favorite recipes growing up!  I have guessed at the measurements below, so you may need to adjust it. messy This dish goes well with steamed broccoli on the side and either rice, or potatoes.  In the picture I am using trader joes hash browns…

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    Cooking – My New Art Form

    I have always liked to cook, when I have had time.  But now I am taking the approach that cooking is my new art form, a way to express myself creatively that is NOT business related.   I like to take recipes and change and modify them to make them my own.  So you will see me update recipes often.…

  • Theology

    The Hope of Christmas Eve

    This is so beautiful, and so well said, as we reflect upon the meaning of Christmas. Merry Christmas 2017!   I shared this with Kathy Kirk of http://www.appliedspirituality.com and she shared it with this quote “Let the Christed Consciousess be born/realizaed within your heart now.”

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    Chicken Stock

    This is great to make and easy to store in the freezer.  You start with a roasted chicken that you get from the supermarket.  You feed your family with that, and save all the bones and the skin and the drippings in the container to put into your broth.  I will put in more details on how to make this…

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    Autumn Harvest Potato Lasagna

    This is the recipe for my potato lasagna that I adapted from a you tube video. Most of the ingredients are from Trader Joes I got the idea from this video on youtube (but no spinach) I really like the Pomi brand of tomatoes for the top of the lazagna, but you can use anything Made the best potato lasagna…