still from movie "Submission"

Great Character Study of Making Bad Choices (Film)

I watched this movie tonight starring Stanley Tucci. It’s a great character study of a male college professor who makes bad choices and has a short affair with one of his students.  A lost soul, the character falls for the seduction of a young college girl’s novel she is writing.  We watch as she pulls him in, trying to use him to get what she wants.  He is not a bad guy, but just a lost person who makes bad choices that he regrets.  This is not a love story.

It’s like a college version of Fatal Attraction.  Loved the acting by Stanley Tucci, and loved how he really nailed the character.  Also Kyra Sedgwick does a great job of playing the wife, and Addison Timlin who is the college student.  Watch the movie on Starz and let me know what you think.


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