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    I Got Baptized Today!

    Let me tell you the story of how I got baptized… First off, I didn’t expect to get baptized today, it was sort of a spontaneous decision. On January 23,  2013 I had made the commitment to follow Jesus after years of exploring religion and Christianity. And for the past few years I’ve have been wanting to get baptized,  but hadn’t found the right time, the right church, or the right opportunity. Although I live in San Diego, it was important for me to get baptized in the Atlantic Ocean because I grew up in New York and Boston, and spend my summers as a kid at the Jersey Shore. …

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    Inspired by Doreen Virtue’s Conversion from New Age to Christianity

    This past weekend I was at the “Thought Leaders Business Summit” with my other mastermind partners, and at that event Reed Tracy, the publisher of Hay House Books, spoke to our group.  During his talk he mentioned how one of his top authors, Doreen Virtue,  had switched from New Age to Christianity.  I was astounded!  and embarrassed that I had never heard of this before, as I have been studying religion intensely since 2013.  Her conversion happened in January 2017 after an experience of seeing Jesus in person at a church service.  You can listen to her story on YouTube. see below Why it’s inspiring is because she was willing…

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    The Hope of Christmas Eve

    This is so beautiful, and so well said, as we reflect upon the meaning of Christmas. Merry Christmas 2017!   I shared this with Kathy Kirk of http://www.appliedspirituality.com and she shared it with this quote “Let the Christed Consciousess be born/realizaed within your heart now.”

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    Honoring the Divine Mother on Mother’s Day

    It’s rare that in modern times, we see the Divine Mother nursing the baby Jesus.  But in earlier times this was quite common.  I have been researching St. Mary recently, watching lots of documentaries on YouTube, and I have come to the conclusion that referring to her as the “Virgin Mary” puts too much emphasis on her virginity, and keeps us focused on her sexuality. Rather, we should be focusing and honoring her as the mother of God.  

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    Is Theology School Right for me?

    This morning while reading a post from one of my favorite theologians, William Lane Craig, I decided to look and see where he teaches at.  I always thought that I would love to take a class or study with him.  Then I looked and realized that Talbot School of Theology was in southern California! Then I got a big hit that shocked me and made me hop out of my seat: I should go to Theology School!  I posted about it here on Facebook, and loved the support I got. So I started to do some google searches on the different types of schools and which would be right for…

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    The Gospel of John as a Movie! (Film)

    If you have ever struggled to read the bible, you should check out the Gospel of John as a full lenth movie!  You can watch it below from YouTube.  It’s the pure scripture text with actors and full re-enactment.  It makes it much easier to comprehend! The Gospel of John Full Movie The Gospel of John Full Movie with Subtitles If you want to view it with subtitles so you can read the gospel while you watch it, view this version below

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    The Trinity Explained… Finally

    For years I struggled with understanding the Trinity (God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit).  In fact, I don’t know anyone who has not struggled with understanding how the 3 fit together. Well today I found this great video, that explains the Trinity in a way that human brains can understand.  Now I don’t want to comment on the video author’s judgement of other religions. Just put that aside, and watch the video to understand how our 3 Dimentional minds have a hard time getting the concept of the Trinity.  And when you watch this video below, it will all make sense. If you liked that…