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    Christmas Eve Meditation

    Going inward this Christmas Eve to deepen my connection to God and the Divine world this video explains it well If you are on a mobile device and want to watch this with close captions go here to watch directly on YouTube Have a blessed holiday no matter what your personal beliefs are and no matter what word or expression you use for your connection to God!    

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    Class Prayers

    Because of everything that is going on in the world, and in our country right now, Christina has started delivering a short prayer at the beginning of her classes. This is the collection of prayers Christina says at the beginning of her online classes. Listen to them.

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    How it Feels to Love Jesus

    Recently I have been trying to figure out how to explain and communicate my feelings and love for Jesus.  Unless you know Him, you don’t know what that feeling is like. Well today a FB friend of mine Joy Jenkins shared, almost by accident, a video with me. Normally I won’t watch a 30 min video in the morning before work.  But since I don’t hear from Joy very often, I figured it was something that I needed to listen to. This video brought tears to my eyes.  It perfectly expresses what it feels like to love Jesus! Just click below to play: Hope this moves you as much as…

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    Sia Sings: We lift our voices to God!

    When I wake up in the morning, I like to listen to this video as a way to spend time with God before I start my day. This video below is from Kanye West’s Sunday Service, where impromptu the singer, Sia, joined the Chorus in singing “Lift Up Your Voices” Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!    See is a full version of the song, without Sia, with the Sunday Service Choir live at Antioch here:    

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    Celebrating the Epiphany!

    If you don’t know what the Epiphany is, it’s a Christian holiday also referred to as “3 Kings Day”.  This is the day people celebrate that Jesus was visited by the three kings who were Gentiles. Yeah I know, we typically think of the three kings visiting Jesus in the stable but the Bible doesn’t ever say that! The Feast of the Epiphany Explained in 2 min  This short video above explains what the Epiphany is. In the book of Luke, chapter 2, the Bible tells the story of the Roman Caesar issuing a tax. To pay this tax, you had to travel back to the place you were…

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    Kanye West’s Passion for Jesus

    About a month ago I discovered the music of Kanye West and his album: “Jesus is King”.  This began when his latest album was released and I started hearing about it. You can read my first article about Kanye West’s conversion here Since then I have been overcome by his passion for Christ, which I too share. I love how he expresses it, how he is bold,  and how he is opening doors for so many people to know Jesus! Watch this Video & You Will Feel his Passion! (Here is a shorter version of this clip on Facebook if you prefer to watch it there or share it) And…

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    This is a BIG Deal – Kanye West’s Conversion to Christianity!

    First it started with Dorren Virtue’s (the new age author) conversion to Christianity, and now it’s the rap artist Kanye West who has converted to Christianity and given his life to Christ. This is so exciting!  It’s exciting because Kanye can attract a huge audience and help them turn their lives towards Jesus.  It’s a big deal because he is doing this without worrying about his fame or fortune.  He is taking a big risk by doing so, as was Dorren Virtue’s risk when she told her publisher that she was not going to write any more new age books. And it’s exciting for me because I am a new…

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    Secular vs. Religious Easter

    This year is the first year I have felt very torn between creating a secular Easter Greeting and a Religious Easter Greeting! I love the whole Easter Bunny thing, with the eggs and the spring motif,  the colors and the happiness they bring. I have always loved making an Easter basket for my daughter each year and coloring Easter Eggs with her. Yet I worry that I am not honoring God by not creating a religious graphic. So this year I made two: One I found as a retro stock image, and the other I bought the background, and found the Bible quote I was looking for: “Mary Magdalene went…

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    God Gives Me Vision

    This is the story about an encounter I had with a woman named Monica Bijoux. So, I’m at a marketing event and I see this woman go up to the microphone to make a comment about the event. She really caught my eye and I began to look at her and I think “Wow, that woman is really beautiful. And she looks really interesting. I want to know more about her…” Later on, I saw her again and then I wound up sitting next to her during one of the exercises. I started talking to her, and as I’m talking to her, I’m looking at her and I’m thinking “she…