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    Great Character Study of Making Bad Choices (Film)

    I watched this movie tonight starring Stanley Tucci. It’s a great character study of a male college professor who makes bad choices and has a short affair with one of his students.  A lost soul, the character falls for the seduction of a young college girl’s novel she is writing.  We watch as she pulls him in, trying to use him to get what she wants.  He is not a bad guy, but just a lost person who makes bad choices that he regrets.  This is not a love story. It’s like a college version of Fatal Attraction.  Loved the acting by Stanley Tucci, and loved how he really nailed…

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    The History of the Pope (Documentary)

    I am not Catholic. And I have never been very interested in the Pope. But after watching the CNN series on the history of the Papacy – “Pope: The Most Powerful Man in History”, I have a new perspective on Catholics and the Pope. Part of being a Protestant, your heritage comes from Judaism, and Catholicism (and some from the line of Eastern Orthodox Christians).  So it’s important to me to understand the history of the Catholic Church. If you have not seen “Pope: The Most Powerful Man in History” check it out on CNN.com or your local cable listings Or watch it here below The History of the Pope:…

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    The Gospel of John as a Movie! (Film)

    If you have ever struggled to read the bible, you should check out the Gospel of John as a full lenth movie!  You can watch it below from YouTube.  It’s the pure scripture text with actors and full re-enactment.  It makes it much easier to comprehend! The Gospel of John Full Movie The Gospel of John Full Movie with Subtitles If you want to view it with subtitles so you can read the gospel while you watch it, view this version below

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    A New Look at Arranged Marriages (Film)

    If you have been opposed to the idea of arranged marriages, then you need to watch this film: “Arranged” by Cicala Filmworks As part of my spiritual and religious quest that I have been on since Dec 2013 to understand God and the differences between the world religions, I stumbled across this movie on Netflix while searching for something interesting to watch that had a spiritual theme to it. See trailer below I first thought this would be a movie showing the horrors of arranged marriages.  But instead it was a tender film about a Jewish woman and a Muslim woman who are both at the age where her parents…

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