Year 1

Maggie at year 1

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    Maggie’s Birth

    When Maggie was first born, I didn’t yet know how to use WordPress.  So I added these pictures to Maggie’s blog, (which I have now moved over here to my own blog) later on.  I am updating the date of this post so that it falls more in chronological order. Here is a picture of Maggie when she was first born! Asleep that night in the hospital -Maggie’s Mom

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    Maggie,  Year 1

    Welcome to Maggie’s New Blog

    This is Maggie’s blog.  It’s an online diary of Maggie’s life. We hope to be adding some old content, and posting new content more frequently. Visit us again -Christina   his was the first post in 2006 when I started the blog for my daughter Maggie.  Since then I moved the posts to my personal blog.  I don’t have the exact date of it, but it was originally published march 12, 2006 although it’s for her in year 1.   Welcome to Maggie Brown’s new blog!! This is where we will keep you up to date on all of Maggie’s Adventures from Christina Maggie is the greatest girl in the…