This is the personal blog of Christina Hills. It is intended to document her personal life, so you might find many typos and incomplete articles. Browse this site as is. Christina Hills, is the creator of the Website Creation Workshop, blogs here about life and spirituality. She is a seeker of truth, follower of Jesus, and loves all things Divine

  • Theology

    Christmas Eve Meditation

    Going inward this Christmas Eve to deepen my connection to God and the Divine world this video explains it well If you are on a mobile device and want to watch this with close captions go here to watch directly on YouTube Have a blessed holiday no matter what your personal beliefs are and no matter what word or expression you use for your connection to God!    

  • Musings

    Learning American Sign Language

    After my dad died, I decided that I needed something to focus on to take my mind away from his death, covid, and all the awful politics we have now in our world. Sparked by someone who was deaf needing my help, I decided to dive in to the world of American Sign Language, ASL, and deaf culture. Here is a short video that explains the history of ASL  

  • Fred Hills Obit in the New York TImes

    My Father

    My father passed away today.  He was 85 years old. Here is his obit published Nov 25, 2020 in the New York Times Here is the article online: “Fred Hills, Editor of Nabokov and Many Others, Dies at 85” I have more to say about him, but I’m not ready.  His passing has been very painful for me.

  • rattle snake

    The Snake at My Door

    After returning from a walk with my husband, there was a rattle snake at our door.  At the time I didn’t think of the significance of it, until my friends on Facebook told me it was an omen.  And yes it turned out to be quite an omen. We called animal control who safely removed it. It was a premonition of my father’s passing.  This was he day after the election. I didn’t realize it at the time, otherwise I would have taken more pics and been reflective of the enormity of it.   The snake represents a big change in life force. Here is the quote from “The…

  • still from movie "Submission"

    Great Character Study of Making Bad Choices (Film)

    I watched this movie tonight starring Stanley Tucci. It’s a great character study of a male college professor who makes bad choices and has a short affair with one of his students.  A lost soul, the character falls for the seduction of a young college girl’s novel she is writing.  We watch as she pulls him in, trying to use him to get what she wants.  He is not a bad guy, but just a lost person who makes bad choices that he regrets.  This is not a love story. It’s like a college version of Fatal Attraction.  Loved the acting by Stanley Tucci, and loved how he really nailed…

  • angels

    Class Prayers

    Because of everything that is going on in the world, and in our country right now, Christina has started delivering a short prayer at the beginning of her classes. This is the collection of prayers Christina says at the beginning of her online classes. Listen to them.